Using Life Insurance to Save For Your Kid’s Future

by | Feb 4, 2023 | Child Asset Builder | 0 comments

In today’s From the Front Line BetterWealth Episode, we walk through an AND Asset illustration for a child starting at one year old. Watch as the consistency of compounding develops an incredible tool for the child throughout their life and listen as we discuss all the possibilities that tool can be used within that child’s life.

Caleb has a great example of using life insurance so your money grows over time, but you can also borrow against it to pay for college, etc. He explained how this is the gift that just keeps giving because they can use it for the rest of their life.

Jeremy and Caleb have a great discussion explaining how the system works.

Jeremy Adams

Life Planner

Jeremy’s clients and their families are as important as his own family to him. He does all he can to ensure his clients have the protections they need to live a life free of worry for the future.